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As the Black Warlock and his fearsome general — the foul wraith that was once Hollis Mitchell — prepares a devastating attack, the humans and elves of Ynis Aielle are staggered by a fresh calamity.

The beautiful Rhiannon, daughter of the Emerald Witch, has been captured by Mitchell and given over to his dark master. Salvatore continues the epic series that began with Echoes of the Fourth Magic.

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Join him for a spellbinding tale of darkness, fantasia, and unbridled imagination. Though many perished in the dark times past, a precious few survivors escaped, fleeing certain doom to find a dazzling, dangerous land of wonder.

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Here wizards and witches inhabited forests spun from enchantment and towers of celestial beauty. But in this place of promised safety, the Black Warlock was rising from the ashes of defeat—with an insatiable lust to dominate the world. Square in the path of peril was Rhiannon, the gently reared daughter of the Emerald Witch. As hamlets from the Crystal Mountains to Avalon fell before the fury of the Black Warlock, the young witch sensed a sudden call; strange, terrifying powers tingled within her body.

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Now Rhiannon had to summon these new, untested abilities to stop the ancient warlock, an enemy who had long since mastered the forces of the universe and bent them to his diabolical will. Echoes of the Fourth Magic.

The extraordinary beginning of an epic series brimming with the unbridled action, adventure, and imagination that have made the name R. Salvatore synonymous with the best in fantasy! But his mission had barely begun when the vessel was sucked into a mysterious underseas void where time stood still, before propelling it forward, through the centuries.

The crew surfaced in a strange, magical world changed forever by nuclear holocaust.

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Here a race of angelic beings had taken pity on the remnants of humankind, offering a chosen few a precious second chance. But the jewel had a flaw, a dark vein of evil. For a sinister expert of the mystical arts had embraced the forbidden third magic, the most deadly sorcery of all. She helps awaken his soul, so he can attune himself to mana , the magical energy force that created and sustains the universe.

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But soon after his awakening, tragedy strikes, and Dominic is left alone and afraid in a world he doesn't understand. Under the guidance of Benedict, an old family friend, Dominic begins learning about the world he's now a part of and the powers he now controls.

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He also meets Autumn, a young witch on the same journey of self-discovery, with whom he quickly becomes friends. But his studies uncover a ancient secret - a long-forgotten prophecy that could bring about the end of existence! Haunted by visions and hunted by powerful enemies, Dominic must embrace his potential, conquer his fear, and become the warlock he is destined to be.

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If you enjoyed other young adult classics, such as Hunger Games , Divergent, and The Mortal Instruments , this epic new urban fantasy series is unmissable! This series is aimed at young adults, but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

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