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It took Crouchy 17 games to hit the net but in the end most Liverpool fans were sad to see him leave. As per usual, Phil, almost there but not quite. It was Bellers, Maxi and Kuyt that combined for Liverpool's 2nd goal. Suarez had already been subbed! Chief football writer?? Liverpool could and should have been out of sight by half time both posts and cross bar struck in 1st half.

I think the praise belongs to Brighton and Shrewsberry, this Carling Cup midweek, for the performances they put against Liverpool and Arsenal. I can see though why this article has been written about Bellamy. He's a player that didn't cost a fortune and yet he can prove to be very valuable for Liverpool. Bellamy was always a headlines making striker.

His contribution and work rate is excellent. If he leaves some reactions to the past he can have a great spell for Liverpool. His game complements Kuytt on the other side and he can look like he never left in the Liverpool team. An additional, dangerous striker who provides width on the left, at minimal financial cost. I think people who like to make negative comments on Liverpool spending money to rebuild their team have no argument in this case, as he's top quality at minimal cost. I really don't understand why so many fans keep talking and talking about the Torres and Carroll cost. They didn't determine the size of those prices.

Others did. Yet, Torres showed at Old Trafford that he's nearing his past, excellent status while Carroll will return too. He hasn't lost the ability that brought him to the England team, overnight. And he can provide solutions in many occasions when Liverpool need to change their game in matches. I really don't think Liverpool had any other option than spending in the transfer market, in order to return to the top four in the Premier League. Seeing Arsenal not investing and Levy being extra-careful too, it's a golden opportunity for them.

In any case, the vast majority of their spending comes from cash they received from the Torres sale and the sale of other players. Should the Liverpool chairman follow the steps of Mike Ashley to keep football fans happy? The more I watch Liverpool, the more I keep noticing that their raid in the transfer market is not over yet. Except if they have unnoticed yet golden youngsters in their availability. Sort out the defence and Liiverpool will look a robust, solid top four team, this season.

We wil see at the end of the season if Carroll comes good or not but until then keep your petty comments to yourself! At 22nd Sep , aarvark73 wrote: Hodgson is an overated manager who can do a job at a team whose sole ambition is to avoid relegation like WBA or Fulham. Liverpool have had two challenging games this season, Stoke and Spurs and they lost both.

They were dire against Spurs who have beaten Daglish's 'all-stars' comfortably on both occasions they have met. Using a Carling Cup against Brighton to talk up Liverpool is stretching it quite a bit, with Arsenal's current problems Liverpool are possibly the 5th best team in the league at best. They still have an awful long way to go and they don't seem to have the strength in depth to close the gap any time soon despite Kenny's spending. Varad, your comment about that being Liverpool's 1st team is naive at best.

Presumably the fact that 7 changes had been made from the team that started against Spurs means that Liverpool fielded a reserve team the then? In terms of last night, the only thing that really matters is the win. Liverpool now need to build upon that against Wolves before key games vs Everton and Man Utd. Thanks for all the early replies. As I make very clear in the blog I am not writing Carroll's Liverpool career off - far from it.

I am simply making what I think is the valid point that Liverpool look far more fluid and purposeful in attack with Kuyt playing in close proximity Suarez - and now Bellamy has put himself in the mix. Liverpool want to play swift pass and move football under Kenny Dalglish.

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Does a player of Andy Carroll's style lend himself to that? So let me pose the question to Liverpool fans. Where do you think Andy Carroll will ultimately fit into the game plan? Will he be a regular starter eventually alongside Suarez or used on a horses for courses basis? If Liverpool were playing a game to decide a season tomorrow, would Carroll be in the team? I'm not so sure. Early days for Carroll but he clearly faces a real fight for his place, with Dalglish also having to fit Steven Gerrard into his system now he is back.

And also, what did Liverpool fans think of Bellamy's display? I thought he seemed to have an instant understanding with Suarez. And Brighton supporters. What a fantastic new set up you have at The Amex. It would grace the Premier League. So will your team being doing that eventually? And how heartened were you by that excellent second half display? All views on all matters from last night welcome as ever. Same old Liverpool. You forget that Carroll is still so young and is much better with the head than Crouch, while his less clumsy than Crouch.

Carroll always requires more than 1 defenders looking after him. Pennant is doing a great job at Stoke but Downing is one of those players who can bring the beautiful side of football to a team: frequently unpredictable, gives width while having that creativeness in his armour, he's one of the reasons why England play those good games when they do.

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I think both Downing and Carroll, in the course of this season, will receive a lot of praise for their contribution to the Liverpool cause. The price for Andy Carroll is irrelevent. He didn't determine it. His question is does he fit into the style of play that Liverpool are now adopting?

Given he's seems to be more of an old fashioned centre forward , and they are adopting a quick move and pass game, I would say no. What he really needs are several games on the trot to get his rhythm and confidence back and I don't think he's going to get them. He also needs to be playing regularly to gain experience. Let's hope it doesn't stunt his footballing growth too much, like what has happened previously to other promising players such as Shaun Wright-Phillips. As always Phil, a good article, which you again don't get any credit for.

Perhaps you should write about South American football - that seems to get credit? On to the article - Bellamy is a player who gives his all in every game and you know exactly what you're going to get from him. He has great movement and pace and is good at linking up with others. Also his set pieces are a big bonus. I also think that Kuyt should take a lot of credit, I think he was excellent. He really showed that he wants back into the starting line-up and with that performance, who could deny him his wish?

Andy Carroll has come here injured, played a few games and then played in pre-season. He still has work to do to get back to where he was and has plenty of time to do it. He just has to keep working hard and it will come for him, he is a quality player. Until then we should persist with Kuyt, Suarez and Bellamy as they share great movement and understanding. On a side note - what in the world is happening to the BBC website? The mistakes in recent weeks are unbelievable - ranging from scoreline errors, to spelling mistakes, to absolutely wrong statistics and reports?

They cut to save money but can't get the basics of the operation right. If you're going to cut something that we all loved, for the sake of the BBC, at least get the things right that were kept. I think queen ken has already realised Liverpool look far better without caroll in the team hence his regular starting spot on the bench. Their best game this season was at bolton without the big lump up front. Doesn't matter if he didn't determine the price.

Fact is Liverpool paid it for him and it now hangs like a giant weight round his neck. I reckon he be sold within next 2 seasons at a HUGE loss. Suarez on the other hand is quality. Must be a concern tho that he has stated it is his dream to play for Barcelona and his brother is Pep's agent Tick tock tick tock Kuyt right , Bellamy left , Gerrard behind Saurez I really hope so as I watched the Seagulls throughout my childhood Georgieboy Queen Ken?

What is the point of you posting on here? What exactly are you adding to the debate? Are you saying that Kenny Dalglish is a woman? Georgieboy, not even United fans ever used this way towards Kenny Dalglish. I really can't understand the magnitude of the bitterness.

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I'm talking about that overweight bloke with the pint of lager in his hand, wearing the Newcastle shirt on the stands to look as one of the supporters of your club. Will you enlighten us?

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Well sure he can fit in to the team, Kuyt and Bellamy are getting older and older where as Carroll is still a young player. I remember Crouch going like 18 games without scoring for Liverpool, but rafa persisted with him untill he got his brace against Wigan. KD has removed Carroll from the firing line, letting the press find someone else to have a pop at. Modern football is more than ever about the squad and how flexible the team is, take Russia under Hiddink, a few years ago, they played 5 different formations during the course of qualification.

A manager needs a team of intelligent players who are flexible to the playing various systems.

All he needs is love? A brief history of Jose Mourinho's relationship with the media

It then becomes the managers job to decide what system is best for his team on the day, and the who the best players are to make the system work And besides.. Liverpool players go high and long whne Carroll players.. With a high price tag comes pressure and expectation for immediate results - jsut ask Fernando Torres. Aguero and Ronaldo hit the ground running after their big money moves so it can be done if the player is good enough and mentally strong -.

More importantly, who would win in a fight between Carroll and Bellamy? Carroll has a better range and is powerful, but Bellamy is quick and has a "never say die" attitude.

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I worry for Andy, if he's not got football to keep him focused, he will look elsewhere. Sadly not another football club but the Liverpool nightlife. I hope Liverpool stick to what they promised and give him the support off the field he needs. He's got great prospects, but sitting on the bench won't fulfill them. Plus what appears to make it worse is that Toon are doing better without him. Thought the article was fair and balanced, unlike some very petty comments in response.

Why do people always want to have a dig? That Liverpool have improved dramatically since Dalglish took over is not a debate, its a fact. They finished 6th or 7th having been in a relegation position half way through, going on a great run at the back end of the season. Although they lost at Stoke, they played excellently, so all the criticism and downbeat attitude comes from one defeat at tottenham He has built a great squad.

For some reason Carroll and Henderson seem to shoulder blame now the ones who know nothing about the game have finally got off Lucas's case.

  1. Bellamy takes second chance to impress;
  2. All he needs is love? A brief history of Jose Mourinho's relationship with the media | FourFourTwo?
  3. Wilde Stories 2012: The Years Best Gay Speculative Fiction?
  4. As for Varad - liverpools first xi at brighton? Reina yes. Carragher yes. The right back is 2nd or 3rd choice behind Johnson, along with Flanagan. The left back is 3rd choice behind Enrique and Aurelio. Coates was making his debut because there was no Skrtel or Agger. Lucas is a first choice. Spearing played because Adam was suspended, Henderson rested, Gerrard returning from injury. Maxi played because Downing was rested. Tock…How I wish I could make this clock stop and save my dad. On the moment of his death, I was walking in the corridor of Sandpiper Convalescent Center.

    A nurse I recognized approached, pushing an oxygen tank. I remember speaking with her, saying Uh, oh. She nodded, never saying a word to me. Quickly, she nodded, telling me not to come inside. Someone grabbed me, walking me to a chair and I sat down. I knew. The clock was stopping. My dad was dying. Moments seemed like hours. At a nurse approached me. Do you want to say goodbye?

    Dudley was eating dinner. I could not speak to him. I touched my Dad — his body as cold as ice. His skin clammy. His eyes closed. I kissed him. Told him I loved him and I would never forget him. After his funeral, I joined a grief therapy session and learned to move forward. Still, as the day of July 6 of each year approaches, I feel an incredible emptiness.

    I ask myself, will this pain ever leave? I think not.

    The Work of Edie Clark

    Today is July 6, Nineteen years today… Just how can it be 19 years? These years have flown by — just like someone opened a window, tossing these years without Dad outside. I must keep myself busy, remembering my Dad, Walter W. Perkins, and the goodness inside of him. Yes, he had moments of temperamental ups and downs, but he was my dad. As a child, I always looked up to him. I held his hand. We sang. After my dad died, I felt like an orphan.

    I plan to have a serious heart-to-heart discussion with my dad today while drinking my morning coffee. I will lift my head high, looking into the Heavens and speak softly to my Dad. Yes, I will probably cry, but now, the tears are good, cleansing tears because I have learned to move forward. To make the most of every day.

    July 6, is another day without my dad, but I am so thankful that I was there for him daily while he battled cancer. Yes, I miss you, Dad. I was blessed to share one more day. Thank you, God for giving us one more day! Dearest Readers:. Today is Tuesday, March 28, Exactly three weeks ago today, my husband and I made the decision to let our precious almost year-old mini schnauzer leave us to go home to Heaven. How I miss that precious little boy. He was my friend. My dearest and most trusting friend.

    Shakespeare joined our family in May He was six weeks old when we brought him home. I remember him resting in my arms, crawling up to rest on my chest. One of his favorite places to rest was either on a pillow, or my chest. How I wish I could cradle him in my arms just one more time. I cannot stop crying. The tsunami of grief overtakes me as a rush of fresh tears pour from my eyes.

    Every morning, I still feel his presence in the bed. He loved to sleep next to my right hip. During the day, he followed me every where I went. When I rehearsed a new song, Shakespeare would sit up, listening to me, and when I sat down next to him, he touched me with his left leg. Then, he would crawl into my legs, crossed on the floor and rest as I petted him.

    I am a bit surprised at how depressed and alone I feel after letting him go. Almost five years ago, we had to make the same decision for Prince Marmaduke Shamus. After that tsunami of grief, I told myself I would not permit myself to grieve in such a desperate way again, but here I am — crying until my heart breaks over and over again.

    The space itself is The decor is bright and airy, but confused, which is ironically similar to almost every staff member we encountered. In our time spent there, we could have ordered twice as much if we had been greeted or attended to in a timely manner; and that probably applies to the rest of the patrons.

    P6 is hugely underutilized, and I'm assuming we were first not seated because clearly the slightest amount of traffic overwhelms the staff. We came, we saw, we conquered. We won't be back. This bar is on the roof of the Line hotel. There is a receptionist who you need to get through to enter the elevator to the rooftop. The bar itself is very cool with both indoor and outdoor seating. Many of the outdoor seats, lounges and tables were marked as reserved when we went so plan ahead if you want one of those.

    The cheese and meat platters were very good. I've heard so much about P6, My girlfriends and were excited to stop by after work on Friday. It turns it it was prime time and didn't have room for a table of 4. The hostess was lovely and helped me make a reservation for the following day.

    Aparently they are on open table. No biggie. We arrived on time, and after a short wait we got sat, and the place was hoppin! Golden Hour! I get it now! The sky was pink and magical it was totally worth swinging back the following day. Cocktails were perfect and delightful. I can't wait to come back for my birthday and get the large batch cocktails and see the Bats!! It's so crazy there is only one spot with this view in Austin! Unless you are looking to go to the library, which is not my idea of a weekend starter.

    Reservations are highly recommended, and totally worth it. I just wrote an amazing review about the LINE - and this review is the total opposite. Setting aside how amazing the hotel and Arlo Grey were - P6 is not worth the visit. I'm not happy about writing this because I really wanted to like it. The food was mostly average. The charcuterie was extremely over priced for what you get. The meat was nothing special. The service was terrible. Save time and go to Arlo Grey or somewhere close by instead.

    Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join.

    Review of P6. Improve this listing. Reserve a Table. Find a table. Ranked 2, of 4, Restaurants in Austin. The sixth-floor lounge feels like a watercolor sprung to life while serving up creative cocktails and small Mediterranean bites. Robert G. Reviewed June 14, via mobile. Trendy, loud inside, nice outside.

    Date of visit: June Ask Robert G about P6. Thank Robert G. Write a review Reviews 9. Traveler rating. See what travelers are saying:. Reviewed May 25, The highlight is the view, and that's all you'll get from P6 maybe a few laughs at the service. Date of visit: May Ask lhTKI about P6.

    Thank lhTKI. Reviewed May 19, via mobile. Cool rooftop bar. Ask gl0baltraveler about P6. Thank gl0baltraveler. Angela A. Reviewed April 7,