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Mexico has more words based on English than other Spanish-speaking countries , probably because of its proximity to the United States. Juan nunca gasta en cosas innecesarios. Es muy codo. Estoy bien crudo hoy. In some parts of Mexico, feria can also refer to pocket change.

La neta La neta in Mexican Spanish means the truth. Use eso que ni que to express total agreement with what someone else is saying. Wherever it comes from, it is used today in Northern Mexico between friends. It has bad vibes. Oye Carnal como te va?

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This phrase is used to express admiration or amazement at something daring or brave. For example: Mario nunca hace nada. What a lazy guy! Ok, cool. There you have it! It's an entire library of Spanish learning material to get you fluent in the language fast. Choose an Answer. Get my best Spanish. Tips by email. No I don't need them. Enter Your Details. What can we do better?

If I could make something to help you right now, What would it be? Quick Question You've now got access to my most effective beginner Spanish tips You've now got access to my most effective intermediate Spanish tips.

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These are great for beating the "intermediate plateau! You've now got access to my most effective advanced Spanish tips. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Related Articles. We use cookies to provide you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume you are happy with it. Ana, your tutor in this channel, is a native speaker, lives in a Spanish speaking country and studied linguistics.

In her videos, she teaches grammar, vocabulary, phrases and pronunciation and will show you exactly how native speakers talk. There are topics for beginner, intermediates and advanced Spanish students. He provides videos for different speaking levels and topics. His videos are short, catchy and very entertaining. For example, he wrote a song for the irregular form of the first person. If you listen to it often you will soon get it stuck in your head and the first person will be no longer be a problem for you. As you might have gathered from the name, this channel is taught all in Spanish.

There are Spanish subtitles and a few English ones as well.

Spanish Words You Should Know

Next to grammar, vocab and quotes you will be taught about daily life and the main customs of Spain. The tutor provides more exercises on a website and you can also take Skype and online Spanish classes with her regardless of your level.

Spanish Pronto: Learning Tools

CultureAlley is a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching various languages from scratch. Thankfully, Spanish is among the featured languages. Explanations are in English, so this is a great way for Spanish students to learn the basics of the language.

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The Spanish Dude Jordan is actually not a native speaker and knows what it feels like to struggle with learning the Spanish language as he used to even fail his Spanish courses in high school. After he studied abroad and traveled Spain and South America he fell in love with the Spanish language: studying, practicing, talking. He now wants you to love it too and that is how he structures his videos: simple and fun! The channel Augustin Iruela is hosted by VideoEle. Practice videos for the levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 are provided.

Spanish Words, Common Phrases, and Grammar

The videos contain subtitles. Transcripts, the didactic guides and the solutions of the activities are accessible for free under their website. SpanishPod introduces the Spanish culture by talking about topics like languages, Spanish holidays and fiestas, hobbies, staying fit and relaxing. Of course all in Spanish. The videos are with English and Spanish subtitles. Also, they are great quality and are about 2 to 4 minutes long. The teachers often repeat their phrases a bit slower for you to repeat.

If you are interested in learning Mexican Spanish then this is a channel for you! SpanishPod also has videos dedicated to Mexican Spanish. The videos of Easy Spanish mainly consist of street conversations of Spanish native speakers. This is why the channel is perfect to get to know the local language, culture and real-life situations. It is hosted by Juan Coronado, who posts two new videos every week. You will for sure stay busy if you subscribe to this channel! To make your study experience perfect the equivalent YouTube channel provides you with videos to learn Spanish as well.

Catalina Moreno E. Learn Spanish offers a selection of different videos which mostly aim at helping you improve your grammar and vocabulary. Explanations are provided in English to make it easier for you to understand the rules. In the Spanish Dict channel images and charts are used to visualize new vocabulary and concepts. This will make it more easy for you to remember everything you learn.

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  • In extension to the videos, there are flashcards, quizzes and speaking and writing exercises available on the website spanishdict. Learn Spanish step by step is a great channel for beginners to start with learning the language. Grammar videos also focus on beginner students. Well, there you have it, the ultimate list of useful Spanish resources on YouTube.

    Be taught any level by our professional native teachers and finally become fluent in Spanish! Have you ever thought about learning Spanish with YouTube? Why Learn Spanish on YouTube?

    100 Spanish Words You Should Know

    First of all, you might be asking why would I learn Spanish with YouTube? Here is a list of the key reasons why after this article you should head straight to start improving your Spanish on YouTube: Learning Spanish on YouTube is convenient. Since you can watch YouTube from any device with an internet connection, you can use it to learn Spanish anytime and anywhere. This also means you can pause and rewind as often as you like, with no judgment.