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A History of Modern Indonesia Since c. 1200 : Fourth Edition

The Dutch took greater advantage of the islands' ethnic diversity and rivalries when forming its 26,strong colonial army. In truth, it was the Indonesian people themselves, not yet unified as a nation, that subjugated themselves to the colonizer. Religious identity in Indonesia is a subject of political and social controversy. In general, Islam was slow to spread to the interior of any island and held the most influence amongst leaders maintaining access to the wider trade system.

Mysticism spread more quickly, initially as a general concept and only in the 18th and 19th centuries as a stronger tariqa order affiliation; the most influential Sufi orders being: Naqshabandiyya, Qadariyya, Naqshabandiyya wa Qadariyya and Shattaniya.

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Three elements served to create a national identity for Indonesia and Ricklefs follows each one closely: colonialism, Islam, nationalism. In ways positive and negative, the diverse populations of the archipelago resisted some foreign influences and yielded to other policies that would lend to greater unification. The Malay language was chosen in the s as the basis for Indonesia's national language because it was perceived as more neutral, as opposed to, for example, Javanese. The Dutch colonialism "ethical policy" attempted to invest in education, irrigation and emigration but according to Ricklefs, the efforts failed due to lack of funding and resources.

The little advantage that was provided groomed the first generation of Indonesia's leaders post-independence.

Ricklefs has a marvelous way of describing the social movements, politics and emotions that influence the policies and personalities of each of these early leaders. The detail is at once complicated but not confusing. By the late s, Indonesian Muslims had much easier and more frequent contact with the Islamic center in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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Muslims returned from hajj eager to reform the heterodox and overly mystical Islam that was prevalent in almost every region. Bali represents one of a few exceptions that through personal pain and colonial policy, managed to resist Islamic expansion.

History Of Indonesia From Prehistoric until now

Orthodox Islam developed its own party base in Java and Sumatra and was met with competition from Islamic modernist movements that began in the s. Thoughts at the global center of Islam, Mecca and Cairo, had their way of spreading to Islam's farthest eastern border and adapting or shifting with the national identity and state formation. The father of modern Indonesia, Sukarno, was an able diplomat taking advantage of WWII Japan, balancing nationalism, Islam and secularism to announce an independent Indonesia in The way in which Ricklefs describes the competing world players against the background of identify formation and post-WWII politics is marvelously done.

The fine research continues through the description of Indonesia's political party system, government administrations and turbulent local and regional politics of 20th century. This is a highly recommended book.

A history of modern Indonesia since c. /M.C. Ricklefs. – National Library

It is even more interesting when you compare Indonesia's Islamic, political and colonial dynamics to regions in sub-Saharan Africa. In so many cases, identities are formed not despite colonial influence but due to a response to colonial pressures and world events.

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Nationalism and identity formation are intriguing subjects of study. This is an essential introductory text to Indonesian history. Ricklefs is a good historian, and he practices his craft with care, weaving together primary sources from colonial and pre-colonial sources to form a coherent historical narrative of the lands that became Indonesia. Ricklefs also handles the contentious modern era deftly, relying on hard sources to narrate a history that stands outside the myth and hearsay that dominate Indonesian discourse around a few key events G30S, Trisakti, the lootings, etc.

Highly recommended. I myself am a student from Indonesia, currently studying in Carnegie Mellon University.

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In light of recent international events, I became attracted to learn the history of my own country from the prespective of Western authors. That is why I read this book at the first place. However, I think some parts of the book are too brief and rather inaccessible for those who do not have prior knowledge of Indonesian history.

New chapters at the end of the book bring the story up to the present day, including discussion of recent events such as the Bali terrorist bombings and the tsunami. It is, in my view, the finest historical survey of Indonesia ever written and one of the most accessible and comprehensive of any Asian realm. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

Book Description Stanford General Books. Condition: New. Seller Inventory NEW More information about this seller Contact this seller. Seller Inventory ING Book Description Stanford Univ Pr, Condition: Brand New. In Stock. Seller Inventory zk Seller Inventory xr Book Description Stanford General Books, Completely revised in the light of new research, using sources in both Indonesian and Western languages. The eminent Indonesianist M. This third edition is also is the first to be illustrated, with the addition of 22 drawings and photographs.

Behind the narrative structure, the book poses the important question of how the diverse but related linguistic and ethnic communities of the archipelago became a modern nation.